If you checked out the NFL scoreboard for Week 9, you may have noticed that four of the league’s 13 games finished with the exact same final score. 

The Chiefs, Vikings, Jets and Chargers all won 20-17 on Sunday, which is notable, because it marks the FIRST TIME in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) that four games have ended with the same final score in the same week

The crazy thing about each game is that the team that won was trailing in the second half. Let’s take a quick look at how each game ended up being 20-17: 

Chargers 20-17 over Falcons. The Chargers won this game, but that’s only because the Falcons threw it away. With the game tied at 17, Austin Ekeler fumbled with under a minute left to play and the Falcons recovered it, which appeared to set the stage for an Atlanta win. However, in the most Falcons move ever, they fumbled away the fumble recovery. 

The Chargers kicked a field goal three plays later for the win. This game featured a missed field goal by the Falcons, which likely would have kept the final score from being 20-17. 

Jets 20-17 over Bills. In the biggest upset of the day, the Jets got a 28-yard field goal from Greg Zuerlein with 1:43 left to play that put them up 20-17 and then they held on for dear life. The Jets were actually trailing 14-10 at halftime and at that point, it definitely didn’t look like a game they were going to win. Like the Falcons, this game featured a missed field goal (by the Bills), which likely would have kept the final score from being 20-17.  

Vikings 20-17 over Commanders. With 11 minutes left to play, the Vikings were trailing 17-7 before putting together wild fourth quarter comeback. The win was capped by a Greg Josephy 28-yard field goal with just 12 seconds left to play. 

Chiefs 20-17 over Titans (OT). The Chiefs were actually trailing 17-9 in the fourth quarter, but they were able to turn this into a 20-17 win thanks to Patrick Mahomes, who engineered another Mahomesian comeback. Mahomes scored a rushing touchdown with 2:56 left to play and then tied the game by running in the two-point conversion. The Chiefs got the ball first in OT and a TD would have won the game, but the Titans limited them to a field goal to preserve the 20-17 score. 

If there was one final score that was going to happen four times in a single week, it definitely makes sense that it’s 20-17. According to Pro Football Reference, that just happens to be the most common final score in NFL history. It has happened a total of 281 times, which is crazy when you consider that no other final score has even happened 230 times. 

If you’re wondering what the rarest score from Week 9 was, that would be Detroit’s 15-9 win over the Packers. Including that game, that final score has only happened a total of four times in NFL history. The craziest part about that fact is that the Lions have now been the winning team in two of those four games. 

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