The Philadelphia Eagles are the last unbeaten team in the league at 8-0, the best start in the franchise’s 90-year history. DeVonta Smith has played a crucial role in Philadelphia’s hot start, as one of the “Batman’s” in the Eagles’ explosive passing game.

Smith has 40 catches for 442 yards and two touchdowns on the year, this coming off a rookie season which he broke the franchise receiving yards record for a rookie (916). What Smith has accomplished in his short stint with the Eagles can not be overlooked, as the 1,358 receiving yards through his first 25 games with the team are fifth-most in franchise history. 

As Smith is halfway through Year Two, he sat down with CBS Sports to discuss the Eagles’ unbeaten start and how he’s working on becoming one of the best wideouts in the NFL. Smith also discusses his relationship with Therabody, which he’s been partnered with since he’s entered the league. 

You’re having a pretty good year so far, but what do you think you can improve on as the year goes on?

Smith: “Just continue to stat. Every week is different, the game plan changes. You just never know, just depends on what teams are trying to do. I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing and keep building. 

“With the guys we have on offense, you never know whose game it’s gonna be. I just gotta be in the moment and be ready whe the number is called.”

What steps have you’ve been working on from Year One to Year Two to improve your game? 

Smith: “The biggest thing is staying healthy. You know the little bruises and things like that that come around in a long season. The season is so long so you have to stay healthy. I think that is the major step that I made this year compared to last year in just taking care of my body more.” 

Why do you think the Eagles are 8-0 so far?

Smith: “The way this team connects. Everybody is there as a team instead of worrying about individual accolades, things like that. Everybody has bought into what Coach (Nick) Sirianni is preaching. I think that’s why our record is 8-0.

“Our message is one game at a time. That’s always been the message, even last year. Things in the past aren’t necessarily gonna help you besides correcting your mistakes. What you did in the past doesn’t matter, because if you go into the next week and you don’t play to the standard — you’re gonna lose. 

“At this point, being undefeated doesn’t matter. It’s all about going 1-0.”

How has A.J. Brown helped your game?

Smith: “With us being one of the youngest receiver groups in the NFL last year, having him — and Zach Pascal — around has helped a lot. Just to have those guys that’s been there before. They’ve seen more than we seen. There’s small things they’re helping me put into my game. 

“A.J.’s game planning is big too. How he attacks the week and what he does on certain days.”

What kind of vibe has Brown brought to the wide receiver group?

Smith: “Oh, A.J.’s funny man. I mean, our room was already funny but adding him has made it funnier. He’s a guy that’s always joking, but when it’s time to be serious — he’s serious. He certainly brings the fun vibes every day.”

Were there any wide receivers you looked up to growing up?

Smith: “Julio (Jones). He was that guy. He was who I always watched.” 

You’ve been in Philly two years. What has playing for the Eagles franchise meant to you? 

Smith: “I don’t think there’s nowhere else I’d rather play. The teams around here — basketball, baseball, football — everybody supports each other. This city has the type of fans that you want. Fans that are all into it, not just one sport but the city in general. That’s Philadelphia and I love it.”

Even before the draft, you embraced coming to the Eagles — even before you knew the Eagles were going to trade up and get you. Why was that?

Smith: “You always heard about Philly fans and how they were. Of course, you have those people that have doubts on the fans that they’re rude and things like that. Ultimately, they just want to see you win. They just want to see you do good. 

“If you do what you’re supposed to do — the fans will love you.”

Jalen Hurts has raved about Shane Steichen and so has Justin Herbert when Steichen was with the Chargers. He’s been your offensive coordinator for two years. What do you like about Steichen and what he brings to the offense? 

Smith: “He helps you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. He’s not one of those coaches that is just calling something and you just don’t understand why. He’s gonna give you a call. You’re gonna know why he’s calling it.

“That’s an honest part of our success. Everybody on the offense knows why we’re calling certain plays. When he calls the plays, it’s not like ‘okay why are we doing this.’ Everybody know why we’re doing it and what the objective is.” 

You’ve been involved with Therabody since before you got drafted. What is your favorite Therabody product to use?

Smith: “Mine is the Theragun Pro. It helps with muscle soreness and things like that after a game, you know getting hit and things like that. It just works the soreness out and helps me feel better during the season.”

Chris G. Cleary

How did you get involved with Therabody? 

Smith: “I’ve been using things with Therabody since college. It’s something that, it’s good as an athlete that you have. With playing sports and things like that, always being sore — there’s plenty of options that you can use to help yourself recover. 

“When I was in the pre-draft process, that’s something I wanted to get into just so I could help myself get going in my career. I didn’t want to hold myself back and I always wanted to be available.” 

During the grind of a season, you’re taking big hits left and right. Are you using the Theragun Pro before a game, after a game? Are you allowed to use it during a game? 

Smith: “You can use it whenever you need it. I use it before the game to loosen the muscles up. During the game, you can use it to stay loose and after the game, it helps eliminate the soreness. It’s great to have.” 

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