In the aftermath of the Raiders benching Derek Carr and ultimately signaling that the organization is on the doorstep of moving on from the quarterback at some point this offseason, the status of wideout Davante Adams was then brought in as a side story to this looming transaction. 

After all, Adams found himself in Las Vegas because of Carr and the desire to reunite with his Fresno State quarterback in the NFL. With him seemingly exiting stage right, would that also mean a swift end to Adams’ tenure with the Raiders? Well, it seems like we can put that speculation/fear to rest.

On Wednesday, Adams was asked directly if he wanted to be back with the Raiders next season. 

“Yeah, absolutely,” said the wideout, via Raiders Wire. “Like I said, I wouldn’t have ended up here originally probably if Derek [Carr] wasn’t here, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t be here in the event that he’s not here.” 

While uniting with Carr was a reason Adams — who grew up a fan of the then-Oakland-based franchise — wanted to go to the Raiders, it wasn’t the only reason. 

“That’s my boy, obviously I got his back through anything, I’ve made that more than clear at this point,” he said. “And I support him, I support everything that he has moving forward as well, but my dream was to play for this team before he was a Raider. And at this point, I want to try to make this thing work and continue doing what I’m doing here [to see] myself get better and see the team grow and get better as well.”

And … exhale Raider Nation. 

Of course, the only way Adams won’t be in Las Vegas next season is if the team grants him permission to seek a trade, which doesn’t seem like something he wants to do. Upon sending a 2022 first- and second-round pick for the now 30-year-old last March, the Raiders inked Adams to a five-year, $141.25 million deal, making the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. He’s under contract through the 2026 season, so him leaving in free agency or anything like that was off the table. 

With that speculation cleared up, the Raiders can focus on finding a new quarterback who can help lift Adams and the rest of the franchise into contention going forward.

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